Guests and aspiring talents in the arts and science

The Joint Reserch Platform continually has guests, who either contact the Joint Research Platform via mail or on the phone, or come by in person, in order to talk about their plans and projects on Elfriede Jelinek and her contexts, to exchange ideas, receive councel, to make new contacts and do research in the archive of the Elfriede Jelinek Research Centre.

This regards scientists, artists, stipendiaries, students, teachers, high school students, translators, people from theatres, journalists, employees of research centres and art institutions, publishers, media etc. 

The Joint Research Platform introduces some of its guests as well as aspiring scholars and artists with their research topics. This regards everyone, who writes their final theses, diploma or master theses, doctoral or professoral theses on Elfriede Jelinek and her contexts, especially on Austrian Arts since the 1960ies, or people who work on artistic or scientific projects. The list is in alphabetical order and contains works and projects of the preceding Research Platform.

If you are currently working on a project in the contexts of Elfriede Jelinek or Austrian art since the 1960ies, please contact us and send us the necessary information (E-Mail: We are happy to publish them in our list.

For a list of all our guests presenting their projects, please change language settings above or return here to our Website in German